Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All About Blogs

I enjoyed yesterday morning's session with Hilary Abel. It was definitely worth the drive to the Forest Heights Library at the west end of Kitchener. I arrived a few minutes late and found a room full of active adults (aged 50+) listening attentively to an attractive, dynamic young woman.

We were all at different stages of blogging. Some had never even seen a blog while others manage a few blogs. Although I fall into the later category, there are still a few gaping holes in my blog education.

Some of Hilary's suggestions...
  • In your bio, tell people why you are blogging.
  • Add personality to your blog.
  • Whenever possible, add pictures.
  • Link to other blogs, restaurants, movies...
  • Read other people's blogs and leave comments. She suggested we visit To My Wife and How to Furnish a Room.

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