Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Advice from Louise Penny

Last summer, I discovered Louise Penny at Stratford's Celebrated Writers series.  Along with 200+ of her fans, I listened as she read from her latest novel and talked about the writing process. When asked about inspiration, she commented that she would have major problems if she waited for the muse to strike.

Since that time, I have read all her novels based in the Eastern townships of Quebec. I also visit her blog each day. In today's entry, Louise describes her writing process as she starts her eighth novel.

Here is an excerpt from that blog posting:

But here we are! Just finished writing for the day. Always momentous - that first day. I had set a goal of 500 words. Ended up writing just over 900. Feels good. First go a little rough...but I read and re-read and smoothed. And now I like it. Will re-read it tomorrow before starting on the original writing for that day. I find it's important not to get caught up in editing, at least for me. I can smooth and polish and edit for days and weeks and months, ending up with the finest 1000 words you've ever read...but no closer to actually writing the book. For me, editing can be an escape - I can hide in it. Kidding myself I'm being useful, when all I'm doing is running on the spot. 

Check out her blog

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