Monday, April 18, 2011

Sundays for Writers

I enjoyed yesterday's session with the Guelph Write Now group. The guest speaker was Sarah Totton who talked about the "rules" for becoming a professional author.  Sarah has compiled the following list using her own experience and suggestions from Robert A. Heinlein and Robert J. Sawyer.
  • Write.
  • Finish what you write.
  • Send out what you write.
  • Keep sending it out until it sells.
  • Keep writing new work.
  • Don't quit.
Other suggestions from Sarah...
  • Treat writing like a job, not a hobby.
  • Schedule time and set deadlines.
  • Learn to work independently (not to external deadlines or peer pressure)
  • Always READ the market's submission guidelines.
  • Always FOLLOW the submission guidelines.
  • Use the following free online market lists: Ralan and Duotrope.
  • Buy US stamps from the Postmaster in any U.S. City. Sarah uses the following: Postmaster, Rockville MD 20850, USA.

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