Saturday, July 2, 2011

Larry Crowne

I chose to ignore the critics who lambasted this movie in the reviews. I shook my head when I read Peter Howell's review in yesterday's Toronto Star. I do not agree with the following description:  "It's a movie of unbelievable characters, fake emotions and unearned resolutions, cynically pitched as a summer feel-good flick about coping with unemployment."

When summer rolls around, I enjoy watching light, funny and feel-good movies. Larry Crowne delivers on all counts. The movie touches on many timely themes--unemployment, foreclosure of homes, and new beginnings. Unlike recent movies dealing with similar issues, Larry Crowne provides an uplifting and optimistic message.

Tom Hanks plays the part of Larry Crowne, a 50something store employee who deals with his downsizing by returning to school. His teacher is played by Julia Roberts. Although the storyline is a predictable one, there are many humorous asides along the way.

Watch the trailer.

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