Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revisiting Brian Henry

Five years ago, I attended a few of Brian Henry's workshops. Yesterday, I drove to Woodstock for his workshop entitled, "How to Get Published." It was informative and interesting, definitely worth the drive.

During the day-long workshop, Brian gave us many valuable insights and tips on getting published. Here a few of them:
  • To get published, you need any two of the following: good writing, luck or persistence.
  • Start small and write short stories, book reviews, and articles for online and print markets. 
  • Good writing involves endless rewriting.
  • While you can send your work directly to a publishing house, it is preferable to get an agent. Your manuscript will be taken more seriously.
I enjoyed the hands-on sessions where we shared our query letters and story openings.I appreciated Brian's critique and will redo my letter.

Brian will be facilitating this workshop in Guelph on Saturday, September 17th. Visit his blog for more details about all his workshops and courses.

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