Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sound of Writing

Last evening, I joined a small group of local writers at the eBar in downtown Guelph.

We listened as three writers, two established and one up-and-coming, read from previously published short stories. I do not usually read dark fiction or urban fantasy, but it was good to get out of my comfort zone and listen to different types of stories.

I enjoyed talking with two of the writers beforehand and hearing about their writing journeys.

Doug Smith has written hundreds of short stories and has been described as "the finest short-story writer Canada and ever produced in the science fiction and fantasy genres."

Marcy Italiano is a multi-talented woman who manages to squeeze in writing fiction and songs while raising  very active three-year-old twin boys.

Andrea Shalay is an up-and-coming writer who excels in the art of storytelling.

Thanks to Kevin Nunn for spearheading this reading series.

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