Monday, June 13, 2011

Sundays for Writers

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon listening to Danielle Gavan talk about self-publishing and e-publishing at Lucie's Bakery in south Guelph. This dynamic, young author displayed her enthusiasm and expertise as she talked about her writing journey and how she achieved publishing success.

I was overwhelmed by all the information--two hours chock full of advice and new terminology. I took  notes and will be following some of her suggestions.
  •  Visit the Savvy Authors website where you will find authors, editors, cover artists, agents, and publishers. A premium membership is $35/year.
  • Invest in a good editor. A reasonable fee for editing a book is $1 to $1.50 for every 300 words or $350 for an entire book.
  • Build a following and readership for your book. Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Start a blog and talk about what you are writing. Upload your book on Smashwords and invite readers to comment on it.
Her advice can be summarized in one of her closing remarks, "Find your corner of the publishing world and work it!"

Thanks to Cindy Carroll for organizing this event.

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