Monday, February 6, 2012

iPod, iPhone, iPad, iEverything!

Earlier today, I drove out to the Forest Heights Branch of the Waterloo Public Library to hear Bryan Dunham, the Coordinator of Information Technology talk about the latest Apple gadgets.

I finally learned what all the fuss is about. Curious at first, I became very animated about the iPad and I am looking forward to the launch of iPad3 in the spring. I am even considering buying one.

Bryan is also passionate about his iPad. He is convinced that it can virtually replace almost any computer. He  demonstrated the different features of all the gadgets, focusing mainly on the iPad.

Some of his tips...
  • You can use the Notes feature as a word processor. But be aware that it is a very rudimentary program with no formatting. Purchase Open Office for $15 to get formatting and other word processing features.
  • Add a Bluetooth keyboard if you want a larger keyboard than the one provided.
  • Expect to pay between $549 and $749 for an iPad. 
  • If you are considering a refurbished model, you will pay $100 less.
  • iPads are available at the Apple Store. You can try them out first.Take advantage of the full range of services offered, especially the Genius Bar at the back of the store. To avoid waiting in line, book an appointment online.
  • iPad is intuitive. You won't experience the steep curve you would with other systems.
  • Buy a smart cover ($49 to $69) and a case ($29) to protect your iPad. Get a screen collector.
  • Kobo and Kindle readers are built in.
  • Buy a screen cleaner ($5.99 at Radio Shack) and use a lint-free cloth. Do not use Windex on any LCD devices.
  • To get the music and applications, sign up for iTunes.
  • Charge the lithium battery every day.
  • The new features of the iPad3 include a high gloss screen and Suri,  the personal digital assistant.
  • One of the ladies in the audience recommended the following book: iPad for Seniors...Dummies version.

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