Friday, February 24, 2012

A Poetry Workshop

I loved writing poetry during my high school years, but my writing went underground shortly afterward. When I heard about Melinda Burns' poetry workshop at the main branch of the Guelph Public Library, I decided to go and see if the muse was still there.

As I listened to Melinda read her own poem and those of Mary Oliver, Jane Kenyon and Jane Hirshfield, I felt new ideas stirring and the desire to write poetry rekindled. After a short interactive session, Melinda assigned three short exercises which many of us shared.

Food for further thought...
  • "Poetry is eating all my problems." (A little girl from the Poetry in School program in California)
  • Read Amy Bloom's article, "Why Poetry Can Save Your Life?" (Oprah, December 2006)
  • Poetry is a container for both strong and mixed feelings.
  • Poetry acknowledges the inconsolable while giving comfort.

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