Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Riveting Movie--The Social Network

I am still thinking about the movie...six hours later.

I can't think of too many recent movies that have affected me to that degree.

I was fascinated by the characters and the story line.

Actor Jesse Eisenberg captures the abrasive, know-it-all personality that made Mark Zuckerberg an outcast at Harvard. The actor taps into the darker side of the world's youngest billionaire and delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.

Supporting actor, Andrew Garfield, delivers an outstanding performance as the best friend who supplied basic seed money but was cast aside once Facebook hit the big time.

Pop star Justin Timberlake plays Napster bad-boy Sean Parker and lures Zuckerberg to California.

As the movie alternates between the two lawsuits and the evolution of Facebook, we learn how a casual conversation and a broken relationship motivated a brilliant, insecure young man to create the most popular social network of our time.

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