Monday, November 28, 2011

Healthy Choices Wellness Show

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the Hampton Inns Hotel. I enjoyed meeting with vendors and holistic practitioners from Guelph and nearby communities. I also sat in on six workshops.

Some of the highlights...

From Spiritual Intuitive Kerrilynn Shellhorn
  • Peace is our ego's greatest enemy.
  • We have a misguided obligation to purpose. Purpose is not saving the whales or moving to Africa. Whatever we do with joy and passion is our purpose.
  • Stop. Think. Breathe.
  • Each morning, put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and ask yourself: What does my spirit need today to feel joy? The answer you receive within five seconds comes from your heart space. 
From Holistic psychotherapist Tiffany Lazic
  • If we do not practice self care, we will not have enough physical energy.
  • When our lower chakras are blocked, we lack physical health and vitality.
  • When our upper chakras are blocked, we lack discernment. We do not listen to inner messages and guidance. We feel lost and do not know how to put ourselves out there. 
  • Heart chakra is the meeting place of the upper and lower chakras. Healing comes from the heart chakra.
  • Definition of perfectionism--A process by which we put a bar so high it is unattainable. This is a form of self-abuse.
From Psychologist Cecilie Lacey
  • If certain negative events and conflicts constantly appear in your life, ask yourself the following question: What part of me attracts this experience? You may be unconsciously attracting a victim experience. Meditate and pray on it.
  • At the level of your true self, you are perfect, but living in a less-than-perfect reality.

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