Saturday, November 5, 2011

Liona Boyd in Guelph

Last night, I attended a Liona Boyd concert at the Village by the Arboretum. While it was described as a dress rehearsal or preview of her Ontario tour, we all enjoyed listening to the First Lady of Guitar sing, play and talk about her life.

We were surprised to learn that she had been diagnosed with Task Specific Focal Dystonia--an incurable neurological disease--in 2003. Years of repetitive guitar movements had caused her brain maps for the right hand fingers to lose their clarity. When she realize she could no longer perform to her own high standards, she left the concert stage. Needing an outlet for her creativity, she took up singing and began songwriting in 2004. Through retraining, she was able to pick up the guitar again. She is back on the concert stage and,with an accompanying guitarist, delighting her many fans with her performances.

Listen to her beautiful voice.

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