Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Forgotten Garden

Wednesday evening, a group of us gathered at the East Side branch of the Guelph Public Library to talk about Kate Norton's book, The Forgotten Garden.

Most of us enjoyed the book, while a few ladies had issues regarding the changing POV and time line. It was challenging to keep track of the three generations, but I liked the intricate layering of different times and places.

Norton skillfully weaves the theme of abandonment into the lives of Nell, Eliza and Cassandra. Easily classified as a love story with elements of mystery, The Forgotten Garden unwinds much like the fairy tales in Eliza's books.

An abandoned child on a ship bound to Australia...An orphan who is welcomed back into her mother's affluent family...Two cousins torn apart by a shocking secret. These are the elements of this enchanting and unforgettable book.

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