Monday, December 12, 2011


Based on Brian Selznick's best-selling novel, The Invention of Hugo Carbret, this movie tells the tale of an orphan boy who lives in the rafters of a Parisian train station. The boy played by Asa Butterfield spends his time winding clocks and working on reanimating an automaton he inherited from his late father. He steals spare parts from a shop run in the station by a stern older gentleman. Ben Kingsley delivers an excellent performance as Georges Melies, film magician turned shopkeeper. Sacha Baron Cohen adds humour with his performance as an socially awkward guard.

Director Martin Scorsese has skillfully used 3-D to provide us with an sense of being present in each of the scenes, especially those involving fantasy and magical elements. While I tend to stay away from 3-D movies, especially those involving action and violence, I appreciated Scorsese's use of the technology to create this film.  

A  wonderful family film, Hugo could easily become a holiday classic.

Watch the trailer.

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