Monday, November 8, 2010

Conflicting Egg Stories

I love my poached or scrambled eggs first thing in the morning. And I will often treat myself to an omelet or eggs Benedict for lunch or dinner.

I did not enjoy reading this morning's article about eggs in The Globe and Mail. A few days ago, Canadian researchers made waves when they reported that one egg yolk is worse "cholesterol-wise" than KFC's Double Down sandwich.

What is KFC's Double Down Sandwich? It is a product so meaty that there is no room for a bun. It consists of two thick and juicy chicken fillets, two slices of bacon, two melted slices of cheese and the Colonel's sauce.

Personally, I don't think the comparison is a valid one.

Later this afternoon, it was reassuring to hear Dr. Oz advise viewers to include one hard-boiled egg in their daily diets. He also informed us that egg yolks contain choline--a nutrient in the B vitamin family--which contributes to better brain health.

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