Sunday, November 7, 2010

Down 10 and counting!!

In September, I decided to make physical fitness a priority.

Since retiring, I have taken up yoga and worked out on a treadmill each morning. But that was not enough. I needed to build up strength and endurance.

So, about eight weeks ago, I decided to hire a personal trainer. After a few false starts, I hired Rose Parr. For the first five weeks, I went to her in-home gym twice a week and learned all about weight resistance training, stability balls and the dreaded bosu. I now go once a week and work out on my own two other days. I can feel myself getting stronger and more balanced with each passing day.

I have also cut down on my carbs--no more pasta, potatoes or daily desserts. I had occasional lapses, but quickly got back on track.

The results, so far--10 pound loss in eight weeks and I can buckle my belt two notches over.

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