Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inspired by Bea Levis

Today's article in The Toronto Star, "Aging Gracefully is all about Food," mentioned Bea Levis, the 92-year-old retired teacher who has followed a lifetime of healthy habits and, as a result, has aged painlessly. Aside from a touch of arthritis, she has a clean bill of health.

Her daily regimen is very doable. She eats a salad of greens and tomatoes, eschews red meat and walks at least 30 minutes. Bea keeps busy with her volunteer work, book clubs and family dinners.

Some interesting facts...
  • Follow the Okinawan diet--fruits, vegetables, soy, fish--and eat only until you are 80 percent full. 
  • If you restrict caloric intake, you will reduce the risks of age-related illnesses like heart disease, cancer and other age-related diseases.
Definitely food for thought!

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