Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eternal on the Water

Last evening, a few of us met at the East Side branch of the Guelph Public Library to talk about Joseph Monninger's book, Eternal on the Water.

We all enjoyed reading this book which is similar to The Notebook by Nicholas Spark and one of my favourite movies, Love Story.

The theme is a familiar one: a woman dies too young and leaves behind a devastated soul mate. As the main characters, Mary Fury and Jonathon Cobb fall in love, they approach life with a sense of adventure. Their travels take them from the rugged wilderness of Maine to the exotic islands of Indonesia, Yellowstone National Park and Muir Woods.

While the first half of the book moves slowly, the pace picks up towards the end. The last chapter is a tear-jerker.

A great read...we're hoping someone will buy the film rights.

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