Monday, October 31, 2011

All About Bedroom Makeovers

Rebecca Webster and Dvira Ovadia from CityTV's Downright Domestic lifestyle show provided us with an impressive 30-minute bedroom makeover at the International Home Show. They went through the following ten steps:
  1. Wardrobe--A portable closet is a good solution for anyone who needs extra storage for clothing. It can be easily assembled and placed in a dorm room, cottage or master bedroom.
  2. Rug--Use an accent rug to warm up the room. Do not be afraid to put these rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.
  3. Storage--Place a storage trunk or bench at the foot of the bed. Toss in extra pillows and clothes.
  4. Headboard--Upholster or create your own headboard. Think outside the box, especially in a child's room. At the show, Dvira and Rebecca drew in a headboard on a blackboard behind the bed. Two Euro pillows can also act as a headboard and anchor your bed.
  5. Bedding--This is a quick way to update any bedroom. Dvira highly recommends bedding-in-a-bag, which is inexpensive and comes with a pre-determined colour scheme. At the show, she used mauve bed sheets to pop up the neutral tone of the duvet cover. She added lots of pillows in pop colours. She advised: no more than two pop colours.
  6. Baskets--Scatter baskets and bins throughout the room. Toss in books, toys, and other knickknacks. 
  7. Chair--Dvira transformed a Parson chair using a slip cover. These covers come in all sizes and covers and help renew old furniture pieces.
  8. Accessories--These help personalize your space and make it feel fresh and innovative. Dvira suggested that we pair these items and position them throughout the room. Remember to add flowers. Check out Home Sense for ideas.
  9. Art--Do not neglect the walls. When the walls are bare, the room is not finished. Use original art or prints. If you have a large wall, pair up the prints. Make sure that the frames match.
  10. Lighting--Extra lamps will highlight the design. Dvira added a set of lamp shades on the night tables.

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