Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie Review--Unknown

This Euro-thriller deserves more than 2.5 stars.

Liam Neeson delivers an excellent performance as botanist, Dr. Martin Harris. His beautiful and mysterious wife is played by January Jones.

After arriving at their hotel in Berlin, he realizes that he left his briefcase--with their passports--at the airport. When he hops in a cab and dashes back to retrieve it, a chain-reaction crash sends the car off a bridge into a river. The driver--an illegal immigrant played by Diane Kruger--saves him and runs off. When Martin awakes in a hospital four days later, he's told he has been in a coma and may experience selective amnesia. He returns to the hotel and discovers that his wife does not recognize him and another man is claiming to be the real Dr. Martin Harris.

The rest of the film involves a number of car chases, Euro hoods lurking in the shadows, a few murders, and an encounter with a former Stasi agent.

The storyline is a gripping one and I must admit I was totally unprepared for the twist in the movie.

Watch the trailer.  

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